About Hippo Patch

Hippo Patch is a registered trademark of Dolphin Sealants LLC.

Founded in 2004 in San Antonio Texas, Dolphin Sealants started the manufacturing and sales of our well known product line Hippo Patch. This was, and still is, a unique approach to all kinds of water sealant repair solutions for roofs, gutters, boats, kayaks, swimming pools, and so on.

The fact that is stays flexible and will adhere and adjust to all kinds of surfaces, it’s very easy to use while it’s based on non toxic and environmentally friendly materials makes it a safe and great product to work with.

Nowadays, under our new brand name The Smart Hippo, Dolphin Sealants offers a variety of sizes to suit your repair needs.

We are in the process of developing even more products, for different kinds of applications.

Updates about these developments will be coming soon!