Product description

Seal virtually any leak with Hippo Patch!

Hippo Patch is a peel and stick product. It is very easy to use. No curing time is required. It will seal the leak immediately. Hippo Patch will stay flexible and never harden or crack due to differing weather conditions. Once applied, the repair is permanent.

Effective between:

-40°F &158°F (-40°C & 70°C)

Hippo Patch sticks and molds to virtually any surface:

aluminum, canvas, concrete, fiberglass, glass, leather, metals, nylon, plastics, shingles, PVC, vinyl and wood.

Hippo Patch is available in multiple sizes.

Hippo Patch is not

  • recommended for most inflatables. The air pressure inside an inflatable can often surpass the pressure design of the Hippo Patch. It is designed for low-pressure applications.
  • recommended for pressurized piping.