The best Boat Patch out there!

Seal virtually any leak with Hippo Patch.

Do you need to fix a leak in your boat, canoe or kayak? You found the right solution. The boat, canoe and kayak repair patch by the Smart Hippo is the perfect product you are looking for. Make sure to have it onboard during your next outdoor trip!

This repair patch is a peel and stick product. It is very easy to use. No curing time is required. It will seal the leak immediately. The patch stays flexible and never harden or crack due to different weather conditions. Once applied, the repair is permanent. The patch can be painted.

How to fix a leak in a canoeSmart Hippo Boat Patch
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Effective between:

-40°F &158°F (-40°C & 70°C)

Hippo Patch sticks and molds to virtually any surface:

aluminum, canvas, concrete, fiberglass, glass, leather, metals, nylon, plastics, shingles, PVC, vinyl and wood.

The story of Outdoorsman Dave

This canoe is owned by Dave, an outdoorsman, who has uses it extensively on the Cedar and Little Cedar Rivers north of Nashua, IA for turtle and beaver trapping. You can see that the canoe has been pulled/pushed over many rocks, sand bars, thickets and weeds. The canoe had developed a crack and it had been welded twice but had recrack both times. We put the Hippo Boat Patch on it six years ago. Dave was skeptical that it would remain on the canoe. After six years of beening pulled over rocks, sand bars etc. the canoe still does not leak and Dave is now a true believer.

Knowing Dave and what he puts this canoe through, I believe it is one of the most sever tests, but still real situations, that the Hippo Boat Patch could be subjected to.
Shared by L. Hall